Return address in Spain

Start your bussiness with the giants

Many of the large electronic commerce companies such as Amazon, Ebay, etc… insist their vendors to obtain a return address in these countries in which they want to sell their products, this return address guarantees their customers a easy return of their products without high internation shipping charges.

If you want to sell your products in Spain through one of these e-commerce giants, but you do not have a return address in Spain, SHIPPING-ADDRESS-SPAIN.COM is the solution!

We offer you a return address in Spain and online services to control everyting about the products which have been returned by your customers. After a initial review we will inform you about the condition of each product by doing the corresponding checks by our specialized staff. After you will be the one who indicates the next step to take. We can return it for repair, store it for a next sale or even destroy it, whatever you consider appropriate.